Crispy Critters

Images of Crispy Critters panels are rare. Because of the lack of panels known within the hobby, the panels shown on this page are creations intended to give viewers a realistic look at Crispy Critters panels. The layout of the headers for large size boxes of Crispy Critters and Alpha-Bits were the same, so these panels are a combination of a modified header and actual individual Crispy Critters cards. The smaller 8 oz. panels feature a real header with true Crispy Critters cards.

Crispy Critteres Test MarketedThe reason that Crispy Critters cards are rare is that the animal-shaped cereal was a new product for Post being test marketed beginning in the spring of 1962. The Battle Creek (Michigan) Enquirer reported on April 29, 1962 that Crispy Critters "is now being test marketed" by Post and that "test market areas were not identified."

Post cereal football cards first began to hit grocery store shelves sometime during the first half of August. An online search of newspapers advertising Crispy Critters in grocery store advertisements shows that the new oat cereal was distributed mainly in western states. California had the most ads by far since it had the most population of the western test market states which also included Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Alaska. Hawaii had an ad at the end of January 1963 that listed Crispy Critters as being available. Whether Crispy Critters was available in the 50th state during the football promotion is subject to speculation. An advertisement for Crispy Critters in Nevada during the baseball promotion was found, so it seems logical that the cereal product would have also been part of the football promotion in that state. No ads were found for Crispy Critters cards in Idaho in 1962 but it seems plausible that, lying between Washington and Montana, Idaho also had some grocery stores selling Critters. Last, and rather curiously, a Biddeford, Maine newspaper showed an advertisement for Crispy Critters during football season.

Of the 103 newspaper advertisements that included Crispy Critters between August 1 and December 31, 1962, eleven were for 13 oz. Crispy Critters—around 10%. Since Crispy Critters was a new product being test marketed in limited areas in 1962 it's fairly easy to see why those cards are so hard for master set collectors to find, with 13 oz. versions being the most difficult of all the Post cereal products to acquire.

Crispy Critters 13 ounce (CC13)
Crispy Critters 13 oz. panel 11 Crispy Critters 13 oz. panel 141 Crispy Critters 13 oz. panel 57 Crispy Critters 13 oz. panel 140
CC13 panel 11 CC13 panel 141 CC13 panel 57 CC13 panel 140

Brand and Size Card Numbers Players Notes
Crispy Critters 13 oz. 11, 30, 49, 67, 86, 105, 123 Ringo, Webster, Glass, Mitchell, Parker, Woodson, Green (BJ) Adhesive across top of fourth card
CC13 141, 159, 177, 194, 7, 23, 40 Lilly, Childress, Lapham, Dugan, Jordan, Lynch, Retzlaff Maize header
57, 73, 79, 102, 116, 127, 172 Ninowski, Smith (JR), Donovan, Smith (J.D.), Morris (J), Lipscomb, Ryan  
  140, 151, 165, 185, 191, 3, 18 Howton, Gautt, LoVetere, Triplett, Horner, Forester, Gaiters  

Crispy Critters 8 ounce (CC8)
Crispy Critters 8 oz. panel 12 Crispy Critters 8 oz. panel 124 Crispy Critters 8 oz. panel 22 Crispy Critters 8 oz. panel 115
CC8 panel 12 CC8 panel 124 CC8 panel 22 CC8 panel 115
Crispy Critters 8 oz. front panel
CC8 front panel

Brand and Size Card Numbers Players Notes
Crispy Critters 8oz. 12, 31, 50, 68, 87, 106 Starr, Barnes (BR), Karras, Morrow, Pellington, Atkins Common borders, no adhesive on cards
CC8 124, 142, 160, 178, 195, 6 Henry, Meredith, Arnett, Mason, Paluck, Hornung Maize header
  22, 39, 56, 72, 80, 101 Livingston, Peaks, Morrall, Schafrath, Mackey, Owens  
  115, 128, 143, 152, 166, 184 Jones, Michaels, Moegle, Hill, Lundy, Tarkenton