Grocery stores were given booklets featuring four of Post cereal's touted players to hand out to patrons at the cash register.

Book 1 had Jon Arnett on the topic of "Football Formations to Watch." Arnett was also featured in a commercial for cards on Raisin Bran boxes.

Paul Hornung was the guy who brought readers information about "Fundamentals of Football" on book 2. Similar to Arnett, Hornung did commercials for Post Tens, Post Toasties, Sugar Crisp, Alpha-Bits and Crispy Critters. One of Hornung's Post cereal cards originated on the Alpha-Bits ¾ oz. single serving box that was included in Post Tens and Treat-Pak variety packs.

Eagles quarterback Sonny Jurgensen taught kids "How to Play on Offense," subtitled "How to Call Signals and Key Plays" in book 3. Like Hornung, Jurgensen was also on the Alpha-Bits ¾ oz. box.

New York Giants' linebacker Sam Huff was not only featured on book 4, "How to Play on Defense," but also appeared in four Post commercials for Alpha-Bits, Grape Nuts Flakes, Post Toasties and Sugar Crisp.

The back of each booklet shows the connection with the four products involved in the General Foods football promotion: Post cereals, Tang, Swans Down Cake Flours and Mixes and Gaines Dog Food (Gravy Train). Purchasers of these products could pick up booklets on the way out of the grocery store.

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Post Cereal Football Booklets
Post cereal football booklet 1 Arnett Post cereal football booklet 2 Hornung Post cereal football booklet 3 Jurgensen Post cereal football booklet 4 Huff Post cereal football booklet back
Book 1 Arnett (3386A) Book 2 Hornung (3386B) Book 3 Jurgensen (3386C) Book 4 Huff (3386D) Booklet back