Oat Flakes

Post distributed a list of "FOOTBALL CARDS ON POST CEREAL PACKAGES" that shows 28 cards were to be printed on both 15 oz. Oat Flakes and 10 oz. Sugar Coated Corn Flakes boxes. The original plan appears to have been duplicate back panels with four boxes of seven cards each on the two cereals. The 15 oz. Oat Flakes panels shown below are panels 15, 145, 54 and 153—numbered by the card in the upper left. Individual cards from Oat Flakes 15 oz. panels are not in circulation. Cards from Sugar Coated Corn Flakes panels were produced and sold in stores, but Oat Flakes 15 oz. boxes with football cards on the back were not produced and therefore never sold in stores.

The panels shown below are courtesy of collector and long-time Post cereal employee, Terry Faulk. The images below are scans of photocopies from company archives. Terry's generosity in sharing the photos shows that Post did create proof boxes/panels of 15 oz. Oat Flakes cards. At some point in the production process, Post decided not to include any football cards on the backs of 15 oz. Oat Flakes boxes. Only one Oat Flakes 15 oz. panel is known to exist outside of company archives. The history behind that panel is that it was likely rescued from destruction by a Post cereal employee as the lack of adhesive on the back indicates that it was probably from a test run.

Oat Flakes 15 ounce (OF15)
Oat Flakes 15 oz. panel 15 Oat Flakes 15 oz. panel 145
OF15 panel 15 OF15 panel 145
Oat Flakes 15 oz. panel 54 Oat Flakes 15 oz. panel 153
OF15 panel 54 OF15 panel 153

Oat Flakes 10 ounce (OF10)
Oat Flakes 10 oz. panel 17 Oat Flakes 10 oz. panel 129 Oat Flakes 10 oz. panel 34 Oat Flakes 10 oz. panel 133
OF10 panel 17 OF10 panel 129 OF10 panel 34 OF10 panel 133

Oat Flakes 10 oz. front panel Oat Flakes 10 oz. inside back panel
OF10 front panel OF10 inside back panel

Brand and Size Card Numbers Players Notes
Oat Flakes 10 oz. 17, 36, 73, 92, 111 Brown (R), Dean, Smith (JR), Brodie, Ditka Adhesive top of third card, sometimes all cards
OF10 129, 147, 165, 183, 200 Nisby, Cook, LoVetere, Shaw, Toneff Light blue header
  34, 51, 67, 82, 93 Brookshier, Lane, Mitchell, Moore (L), Baker (D)  
  133, 145, 155, 169, 174 Tracy, Tubbs, Meinert, Pardee, Alderman