Post Cereal Football Card List

Sometime during the 1962 football card promotion, Post created a typewritten list of the cards in the set that showed the products on which the cards were scheduled to be printed. The only "mistake" on the list is #18 Bob Gaiters who was removed from the 10 oz. Oat Flakes box before production. Sugar Coated Corn Flakes 10 oz. and 15 oz. Oat Flakes is the only double printed product pair reflected on the list. Grape Nuts Flakes 12 oz. is listed but not their 10 oz. Top 3 mate. Both 8 and 13 oz. Alpha-Bits products are shown but neither of the same sized Crispy Critters products. Post Toasties 12 oz. box styles are not differentiated between regular top flap and flip-out spout. Alpha-Bits ¾ oz. boxes are listed only as Treat Pak versions and not as Post Tens varieties.

The list shows 28 cards of 10 oz. Sugar Coated Corn Flakes and 28 cards of 15 oz. Oat Flakes as double prints of each other. This equates to four boxes with seven cards on each box of each product. There are collectors who have all four Sugar Coated Corn Flakes panels. There are three known 15 oz. Oat Flakes panels, each with the same configuration of cards. Those panels consist of cards #153 Bill Koman, #167 Ollie Matson, #176 Don Joyce, #190 Fred Hageman, #2 Boyd Dowler, #19 Roosevelt Grier and #63 Bob Gain. When examined closely, the cards on this panel do not show some print marks that are on the corresponding Sugar Coated Corn Flakes panel. It should be relatively easy to distinguish the seven OF15 cards on this panel from the same seven on the SCCF10 panel. No individual cards from this panel have been found with any variation in print marks, suggesting that the only complete OF15 panels may have been proof panels that were never in circulation.

SCCF10 panel #145 Jerry Tubbs, #163 Carroll Dale, #181 Dick Pesonen, #198 Norman Snead, #3 Bill Forester, #20 Sam Huff and #35 Jimmy Carr, like panel #153 has never had any individual cards with print mark variations. The SCCF10 panel of #15 Jesse Whittenton, #34 Tom Brookshier, #53 Dan Lewis, #71 Ray Renfro, #90 John Unitas, #109 Rick Casares and #127 Gene Lipscomb and panel #54 with Darris McCord, #69 Bernie Parrish, #84 Steve Myhra, #98 Bill Kilmer, #112 Joe Fortunato, #132 George Tarasovic and #141 Bob Lilly all have two versions with consistently identifiable print marks. As explained on the Producing Post Cereal Football Cards page, SCCF10 panels 15 and 54 were double printed with varying print marks while there were no Oat Flakes 15 oz. boxes produced with football cards that were sold in stores.

A copy of Post's company card list is below.

1962 Post Cereal Football Card List