Store Displays

Post wanted their football promotion products to be the focal point of the cereal section of the grocery store. They provided cardboard and paper display pieces for the grocers to arrange in a variety of ways. The three parts of the display were categorized as stick displays, over-the-wire pennants and shelf talkers.

Stick displays were cardboard displays featuring football, referee and cheerleader characters. Stick displays were made as two separate pieces of cardboard placed back to back with the stick slid in between the sheets in a pre-stapled slot vertically in the middle of the sign. Please see the setup instructions image for some visual clarity. The nicest and most desirable collectible of the stick displays features oversized cards of Johnny Unitas, Paul Hornung and Bill Kilmer at the top of the sign. This centerpiece appears to have been delivered as a double sided sign that was also pre-stapled. There are at least two of these signs known to exist, one sign's characters facing left and the other sign's characters facing right. These two signs originally may have been one double sided sign that was taken apart. The setup instructions suggest that the stick displays could be located between a pyramid of cans, on top of a riser gondola or taped on a freezer.

Over-the-wire pennants were two sided paper displays that came folded and hung on a wire strung over or between aisles.

Shelf talkers were cardboard display signs that had a small figure in one corner with a lot of blank space in order to write a message or price on them. They were folded at a 90° angle and taped or stapled to the shelf.

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Post Cereal Football Grocery Store Display Items
Grocery Store Display setup instructions Grocery Store Display centerpiece sign Grocery Store Display Unitas Hornung Kilmer Grocery Store Display referee sign Grocery Store Display stiff arm sign
Setup Instructions Display Centerpiece 3373 Unitas, Hornung, Kilmer cards Stick Sign 3362-K Stick Sign 3362-H
Grocery Store Display quarterback opposites Grocery Store Display quarterback signs Grocery Store Display tackle referee Grocery Store Display tackling sign Grocery Store Display referee sign
OTW Pennant 3361-E OTW Pennant 3361-C OTW Pennant 3361-G OTW Pennant 3361-A OTW Pennant 3361-D
Grocery Store Display cheerleader Grocery Store Display cheerleader Grocery Store Display cheerleaders Grocery Store Display cheerleader Grocery Store Display cheerleader
OTW Pennant 3361-B OTW Pennant 3361-B Stick Sign 3362-I & J Stick Sign 3362-I Stick Sign 3362-J
Grocery Store Display shelf talker Grocery Store Display shelf talkers Grocery Store Display shelf talker Grocery Store Display shipping box
Shelf Talker 3363-P Shelf Talkers 3363-L & 3363-N Shelf Talkers 3363-M & 3363-O Shipping Box