Player Header Cards

Ad Headers

Often called ad headers—short for advertising headers—these "cards" are not really cards at all but are cutouts of the player pictured on the front of boxes used in the Post cereal football promotion. There were eight different players pictured on the fronts of 18 of the 25 products in the promotion. The photos used were the same ones as on the player's card but the background was removed and the player was placed on top of a single color rectangular background. The chart below matches player header cards with the product on which they appeared.

1962 Post Cereal Football Player Header Cards
Product Player
Post Toasties 18 oz. Jim Taylor
Post Toasties 12 oz. Flip-Out Spout Jim Taylor
Post Toasties 12 oz. Top Flap Jim Taylor
Post Toasties 8 oz. Jim Taylor
Bran Flakes 16 oz. Bill Wade
Bran Flakes 11 oz. Bill Wade
Grape Nuts Flakes 16 oz. John Unitas
Grape Nuts Flakes 12 oz. John Unitas
Top 3 10 oz. Nick Pietrosante
Raisin Bran 14 oz. Bobby Walston
Raisin Bran 10 oz. Bobby Walston
Alpha-Bits 13 oz. John Unitas
Alpha-Bits 8 oz. John Unitas
Sugar Crisp 14 oz. Tommy Davis
Sugar Crisp 9 oz. Tommy Davis
Sugar Coated Corn Flakes 10 oz. Ray Renfro
Grape Nuts 11 oz. Hugh McElhenny
Grape Nuts 16 oz. Hugh McElhenny

The player headers are collectible in their own right and, as with the regular cards, there are differences in their appearance depending on the product on which they were printed. For instance, the Bran Flakes 11 oz. Bill Wade header is lighter blue and the placement of Wade in relation to the wording "Free Football Trading Cards" is different than the BF16. Some headers have adhesive on the back which helps in identification.

The following pages, linked under "Player Headers" show how to differentiate between the various products. The presentation is similar to that of the "Master Set Cards" pages where there are scans for comparison with descriptions and mouseovers that highlight differences. Each player will have a separate page.