Mint Condition

There is a website,, that offers lots of unique collectibles.  While searching for Post cereal information, photos of Jerry Kramer and Max McGee came up.  In fact, they were listed for sale on the Precious Paper site.  An inquiry about them was placed and the result was a return e-mail from Michael Gidwitz, who was later the subject of chapter 3 of a book by Dave Jamieson titled “Mint Condition,”  about the history of sports cards.  Here is the crux of Mr. Gidwitz’ information about the two Post cereal photos:

I bought the Max McGee, the Jerry Kramer, and the Johnny Morris 1962 Post Cereal Artworks from the original photographer who sold them to me at the Chicago National Sports Collectors Convention many years ago.  The photographer lived in the suburbs of Chicago and I don't remember his name.  He came to the show with the entire set of photographs and offered them all to me at very substantial price.  I ended up only buying these three as examples and he sold some of the others to other collectors at the convention.  He eventually auctioned off whatever was left years later in a MastroNet Auction…

More uh-oh!  Jim Laughead and Brad Bradley lived in Dallas and here I thought they took the Post cereal photos.