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On August 21, 1962, George Springer's "Sports Jottings" column in the Beckley, West Virginia Post-Herald reported that cereal football cards like those from the baseball promotion had hit grocery store shelves. He did not mention Post by name, but there were no other football cards on cereal boxes at the time. Grocery store ads began to appear in local newspapers, starting in October and running through November. Shown below are examples of Post cereal football promotion newspaper ads. There are advertising examples for all four of the areas making up the General Foods football promotion: Post cereal football cards, Tang, Swans Down Cake Mixes and Gravy Train dog food. At bottom is a chart of Post cereal box prices as they were in 1962.

Newspaper Ad Images
Post cereal fall ad Post cereal fall ad
Unitas Post cereal ad
Post cereal price ad


Post Cereal Product Prices from 1962
Cereal Brand Size (oz.) Price
Alpha-Bits 8 25-31¢
Alpha-Bits 13 34-41¢
Bran Flakes 16 23-37¢
Crispy Critters 8 27-30¢
Crispy Critters 13 35¢
Grape Nuts 11 25-29¢
Grape Nuts 16 25-35¢
Grape Nuts Flakes 12 24-29¢
Grape Nuts Flakes 16 33-35¢
Oat Flakes 10 24-29¢
Post Tens 30-45¢
Post Toasties 8 21¢
Post Toasties 12 23-30¢
Post Toasties 18 33-38¢
Raisin Bran 14 33-36¢
Rice Krinkles 10 26-31¢
Sugar Coated Corn Flakes 10 26-30¢
Sugar Crisp 9 25-30¢
Sugar Crisp 14 37-47¢
Top 3 10 30¢
Treat Pak 24-33¢