Post Cereal Football Production Photos

At the bottom of this page are examples of Post cereal football production photos. The process of creating a Post cereal football card, documented in detail on the How Boxes Were Made page, was accomplished by Post's art department literally using cut and paste materials. On an oversized paste board, Post created card mock ups that were 3-¾" x 5-¼", 150% larger than the finished 2-½" x 3-½" cards. Spaces for the cards were measured and set exactly on the paste board in proper alignment. Text for the player's name and biographical information was typed and then cut and pasted into the area corresponding to the player. The card number in the yellow footballs in the upper right and the Post logo in the lower right were pasted on. On the left side of the card, photographs of each player were cut and cropped to fit the proper size opposite the bio area. The production photographs were about 3-½" x 4" and appear to have been printed four to a sheet and then cut with scissors into four separate pictures with white borders. The photo was then cropped to its final size and placed in position on the paste board. The paste board would be photographed and used to produce rotogravure plates for printing. Duplicate panels such as Grape Nuts Flakes 12 oz. and Top 3 10 oz. had separate headers set in place for each product while leaving the card art intact as the cropping for all of the double prints is identical.

There are more than one of some production photos that exist within the hobby today, including two different croppings of Paul Hornung, Erich Barnes, Leo Sugar, Ray Renfro, Mike Ditka, Gene Lipscomb, Grady Alderman, Bill Lapham, Hugh McElhenny, Frank Youso, Joe Krakoski and Norman Snead. A list of known photos is shown below. Additional information held by any collector would be welcome!

1 Currie 28 Shofner 81 Marchetti 126 Layne 166 Lundy
3 Forester 29 Tittle 82 Moore, L. 127 Lipscomb 169 Pardee
5 Hanner 31 Barnes, B. R. 84 Myhra 128 Michaels 171 Richter
6 Hornung 35 Carr 86 Parker 129 Nisby 172 Ryan
8 Kramer 42 Sugar 87 Pellington 130 Reger 174 Alderman
9 McGee 45 Khayat 88 Sandusky, A. 131 Sandusky, M. 177 Lapham
10 Moore, T. 47 Cogdill 90 Unitas 132 Tarasovic 179 McElhenny
11 Ringo 49 Glass 93 Baker, D. 133 Tracy 184 Tarkenton
12 Starr 61 Brown 110 Coia 140 Howton 185 Triplett
13 Taylor 68 Morrow 111 Ditka 141 Lilly 186 Youso
14 Thurston 69 Parrish 113 Galimore 144 Perkins 189 Bosseler
15 Whittenton 71 Renfro 114 George 145 Tubbs 191 Horner
16 Barnes, E. 72 Schafrath 116 Morris, J. 151 Gautt 192 Kerr
19 Grier 75 Wiggin 119 Wade 154 Wilson 193 Krakoski
21 Katcavage 77 Boyd 121 Carpenter 158 Guglielmi 194 Dugan
23 Lynch 79 Donovan 122 Dial 160 Arnett 197 Rutgens
27 Rote 80 Mackey 123 Green, B. J. 165 LoVetere 198 Snead
125 Johnson, J. H.

Currie Forester Hanner
Hornung Kramer McGee
Moore Ringo Starr
Taylor Thurston Whittenton
Barnes Grier Katcavage
Lynch Rote Shofner
Tittle Barnes Carr
Sugar Khayat Cogdill
Glass Brown Morrow
Parrish Renfro Schafrath
Wiggin Boyd Donovan
Mackey Marchetti Moore
Myhra Parker Pellington
Sandusky Unitas Baker
Coia Ditka Galimore
George Morris Wade
Carpenter Dial Green
Johnson, J. H. Layne Lipscomb
Michaels Nisby Reger
Sandusky Tarasovic Tracy
Howton Lilly Perkins
Tubbs Gautt Wilson
Guglielmi Arnett LoVetere
Lundy Pardee Richter
Ryan Alderman Lapham
McElhenny Tarkenton Triplett
Youso Bosseler Horner
Kerr Krakoski Dugan
Rutgens Snead