Short Prints

One of the first things Post cereal football card collectors want to know is which cards are the hardest to collect. It doesn't take very long to pull out a guide and see that #93 Dave Baker and #74 Sam Baker have two of the highest prices in the set. Those prices were set years ago and haven't really been updated accurately over time. The guides originally believed Sam Baker's card was the scarcest of the pair of Bakers—and by quite a bit. With the proliferation of online card sales, it is easier to get accurate data and track card trends. Anyone who has been collecting Post cereal cards for even a short period of time quickly finds that Dave Baker's card costs much more than Sam's, leading to the conclusion that Dave's is rarer.

Angelo Coia's card #110 appeared only on a Rice Krinkles 10 oz. box, Jim Martin's card #55 was only on one 14 oz. Sugar Crisp back panel and Darris McCord's card #54 was printed on two separate runs of Sugar Coated Corn Flakes 10 oz. boxes. There are distinguishable characteristics between the cards from each print run, yet McCord's card was printed only on one product. These are the only true single print cards in the set. The term single print is often erroneously used as a synonym for short print. Other than McCord, Coia and Martin, every card in the Post cereal football set was printed on at least two back panels from unique products. Rather than "single print," this would make other cards in low supply short prints—the term that will be used here for the Post cereal football cards that are most difficult to obtain.

So which cards are short prints? Just as interesting, why do these cards qualify? In this section titled "Scarcity" issues such as which cards and panels are difficult to obtain will be addressed. A high price for a card doesn't necessarily mean that card is a short print—it may mean that although the supply is reasonable, the demand is higher for some cards. Other cards, even some with reasonably low prices, are more difficult to find than one might expect. What follows is a discussion of factors surrounding the areas of short print Post cereal football cards.