Action Toys

Inside Rice Krinkles boxes, Post offered what they called an "Action Toy." The toy was a small plastic football figure inside a paper package. The figure was either an unassembled kicker or passer connected to a plastic tree. Three footballs were included with each figure. When assembled, with the help of a rubber band also in the package, the footballs could be propelled. There was a hole in one side of the ball that could be placed onto a small peg fashioned onto the passer's hand and kicker's foot. Pressing a trigger at the base of the figure allowed for release of the football after it had been placed in a cocked position.

Post used a character named So-Hi to advertise Rice Krinkles. In this 1963 commercial, So-Hi demonstrates how the passer and kicker worked. Action Toys were also included with Rice Krinkles in 1963. The figures were various colors, including white, red, blue and yellow.

Collector Kirk Robinson has found a pair of Action Toys that used a wire instead of a rubber band as the method of propulsion for both the passer and kicker. The wire was bent at a 90° angle and placed against pegs in the back of each Action Toy. In the spot where the wire was angled, it makes a circle around the circular pivot point behind the passer's shoulder and the kicker's hip in order to hold it securely. See the picture below. Any collector who has seen this method of propulsion is invited to send an e-mail with any additional information. Since the Action Toys were distributed by Post in both 1962 and 1963, maybe the wire was used in 1963 rather than the rubber band used in 1962. If this is the only pair like this in existence, it is possible that an enterprising collector designed the wire propulsion method.

Rice Krinkles Action Toys
Action Toys passer Action Toys passer Action Toys package Action Toys package Action Toys passer assembled
Passer on tree front view Passer on tree back view Package front Package back Assembled passer front
Action Toys passer Action Toys kicker Action Toys kicker Action Toys kicker Action Toys kicker
Assembled passer back Assembled kicker Assembled kicker back Kicker on tree Kicker on tree back
Action Toys passer
Action Toys using a wire for propulsion