Post Cereal Football Reproduction Set For Sale

Set information: This is a REPRODUCTION set of all 200 1962 Post cereal cards. These cards are not originals. One card of each player in the set will be included along with red asterisk bonus cards of #57 Jim Ninowski and #74 Sam Baker.

All of these reproduction cards were created using original cards, so the images are correct. The reproduction cards are the same size as the originals. They have been cut just outside the black border. All of the backs are blank cardboard and appear much as did the originals.

Purchase instructions: If you would like to purchase a reproduction set, please send an e-mail simply stating your desire to purchase a set. After the e-mail is received, a PayPal invoice will be sent back.

The REPRODUCTION set of 200 cards is available for a delivered price of $249.00.

Don't hesitate to inquire about any of these Post cereal football reproduction panels. Please e-mail with any questions. The images below are in groups of nine cards, two sets of nine on each row. Click on any thumbnail for a larger scan in another tab. Thanks!

Post Cereal Football Set For Sale
Cards 1-9 Cards 10-18
Cards 19-27 Cards 28-36
Cards 37-45 Cards 45-54
Cards 55-63 Cards 64-72
Cards 73-81 Cards 82-90
Cards 91-99 Cards 100-108
Cards 109-117 Cards 118-126
Cards 127-135 Cards 136-144
Cards 145-153 Cards 154-162
Cards 163-171 Cards 172_180
Cards 181_189 Cards 190_198
Cards 199_200 Cards 57-74